General Cottontail Information
Classification of the rabbits at this web site:
Kingdom Animalia [Western Brush Rabbit Distribution Map]
Phylum Chordata / Vertebrata
Class Mammilia
Sub-class Theria
Order Lagomorpha Rabbits, Hares, & Pikas
Family Leporidae All Rabbits
Genus Sylvilagus All Cottontails
Species Bachmani Western Brush Rabbit
Sub-species Cinerascens (?) Definently Not Riparian (Leaves 7 Possibilities)

To avoid repetition with the numerous other web sites regarding cottontail rabbits, both general and specific, an index of links is provided as an alternative to text. The content of these sites appears homogenous in nature. Cottontail rabbits occur naturally only on the North and South American Continents.

Links to various pages regarding Cottontail Rabbits (General Information):

European domesticated rabbits have been designated Oryctolagus cuniculus.

Hunting-related sites have been specifically excluded from the above list.

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