Winston, 48 days old, passed away at about 12:30am on June 28, 1999, as a result of an accident. He was nearby as I was preparing to wash my shirt in a sink - he had just pissed on me. He jumped up onto the counter to see what I was doing and went right in. Although the water was only about 4 inches deep (the sink is only a 6 inch deep basin) and Winston was 8 inches (head to tail), he panicked and must have inhaled some water. I managed to pull him out within 5 seconds, but he only took two more breaths and died about 3 seconds later. He could not be revived.

Winston is survived by his mother Twixi, his father Buck, his two sisters Lucy and Marcy, and his older brother Ralphable. Fortunately, none of them witnessed the accident.

Winston   May 11, 1999 - June 28, 1999   RIP

Here is a copy of the memorial card from the local animal hospital. Inside, many staff members and doctors signed it.

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