For some reason that I have yet to figure out, Twixi sometimes chooses to hide in the gap that exists between the bathtub and sink counter. I indicate my puzzlement because when Twixi hides here, she often gets stuck and I have to pull her out.

Sometimes, Twixi will hide and sleep in her hay box instead of her normal sleeping box. The only reason that I can think of for why she does this is that at times, she is too lazy to walk the 15" from one box to the other. Why hop over when all one has to do is wake up and start munching?

Scarfing up more pellets.

... And even more pellets. Twixi likes pellets.

Here is a picture of the unnamed baby born to Twixi and a very naughty Ralphable on May 27, 2001. This baby died two days later on May 29. Twixi did not volutarily nurse her, and when a forced nursing was attempted, the baby would not nurse. I did not believe that this one was genetically viable in the long term.

Naughty little Ralphable and bad, bad Twixi four months later did have two more babies who did considerably better. They will have their own pages on this site.

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