Twixi is perched on the edge of the bathtub. She likes to be there because she can see both sides at once, plus the reflection of the room in the wall mirror, and thus, nothing can approach her without her seeing it. This picture was taken while the room was well lit.

Once again, Twixi is sitting on the edge of the bathtub. However, with the room dark, we get to see the "real, demonic Twixi," complete with glowing eyes, plotting her next bite of her caretaker.

Twixi is calm enough that she will lie down. Rabbits only lie down if they feel completely safe. Here, Twixi is not only safe, but satisfied that she has sufficiently made a mess of the floor by not using her designated litter area (not quite the usual box - the bathtub).

Apparently, Twixi was thirsty and her water dish ran out before I could refill it, so she sneaks a drink from the dripping sink faucet. Smart rabbit.

Not so smart a rabbit - BUSTED!

Twixi realizes that she's been caught on film, so she backs out of the sink basin to see exactly what's going on. The bathroom lights were out when this picture was taken and the flash of the camera must have startled her.


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