Ralphable stares down his caretaker, trying to make him believe that he has been a good rabbit, not having gone anywhere he is not allowed to - such as his caretaker's bedroom - despite the chain of dust hanging between his ears which he picked up after running under the bed.

Taken on September 15, 2001 at the animal hospital, Ralphable is wrapped in a towel to keep warm. His caretaker came to visit with him for 90 minutes, and although he doesn't look it from this picture (looking rather miserable instead), Ralphable was not ready to give up on life. He is lying on the table only for purposes of the picture, but was otherwise held during the visit.

A second picture. I had to pet him and tell him that "everything's OK" so that this picture could be taken. Ralphable was moving toward his caretaker, trying to let him know that he is not ready to give up on life yet. The vet had informed his caretaker that his prognosis was not good, but Ralphable wasn't in an unrecoverable state yet.

Ralphable in a box - after cremation.

Some 56 hours after the above pictures were taken, Ralphable passed away due to his illness.

This picture has been altered to delete his caretaker's address.

This picture is reserved for Ralphable's final resting place - yet to be determined. We have not yet purchased a container for his ashes.

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