"I'm in the office. What are you going to do about it?"

Ralphable is seen having snuck into his caretaker's office, a place he's not allowed to be in since it has not been "rabbitproofed" and therefore has all sorts of computer cables and electrical power cords at just the correct height for some serious rabbit munching. He knows he's not allowed but is wondering if he can sneak past after being spotted and get into even more trouble.

A typical relaxation pose for Ralphable. Although on his carpet, he's not watching television but instead, he is looking outside for a reason that escapes my understanding of him.

Once again, Ralphable napping on the cushion.

"I need some sun, and I don't care if that means that I must sleep in my litter box."

Once again, Ralphable relaxes on top of his condo and hay box complex, even if not completely asleep like above.

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