Ralphable is having fun while running around on the kitchen counter and windowsill at the house of his caretaker's relative. As pictured, he is jumping from the main countertop over the radio onto the elevated windowsill. Ralphable was well enough behaved that we could show him the allowable boundary of the countertop that he could play on, and he would stay within that boundary!

Ralphable: "How dare you take such an undignified picture of my rear! Even I have a sense of decency."

Hard at work, Ralphable is modifying the overhang on his sleeping box. Being "rabbit vs. cardboard," such work is no challenge, but nevertheless must be done.

A close-up shot of the above, from a different angle.

Having completed the task sufficiently, Ralphable takes a nap inside the box, accompanied by his toys.

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