On his first birthday, Ralphable sits on the fireplace mantle (now carpeted) preparing to watch television a little later. This is his favorite viewing spot.

Here, "pissy" Ralphable demonstrates that even genetically wild rabbits may be litter trained.

Ralphable's first picture has been ressurected from the "black hole" of Internet e-mail. At about two months old, Ralphable is "holding court" for the first time. Of course, since he only had one subject at the time, me, he is pictured contemplating what to do with me!

Ralphable has a little adventure outside.

"Hey. What's all this green stuff. What am I supposed to do with it? Take me back inside now, where it's clean and dry and I have my television to watch! How dare you try to make me an outdoor rabbit again!"

"Hide and Seek."

I'm not certain if Ralphable was trying to hide from me or hide from the sun, but here he is directly behind the leg of a side-table; the same table which his litter box is under (out of view to the left).

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