Late at night, Ralphable sneaks into his caretaker's office and uses amateur radio to contact his secret rabbit army. Since rabbits cannot speak, Ralphable uses morse code, sometimes calling "CQ R" (R for rabbit) to solicit new recruits.

Kenwood TS-930S/AT radio courtesy of KD6LVW

This picture is the only one that was staged. All the others naturally occurred.

Ralphable's hind leg is pictured as it was shaved to necessitate medical care for a broken bone. Here, about 3 weeks after the operation, some hair has grown back.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the break, Ralphable's right hind leg is slightly shorter than his left. As such, he cannot be returned to the wild (assuming he would want to - he likes TV too much!).

Here, Ralphable is taking a nap on a towel placed across my lap.  He's perfectly content that he has sufficient control over me that he can afford to sleep without any fear of me moving whatsoever.

Remember: Rabbits usually sleep with their eyes open.

Here's a close-up view of Ralphable sleeping as indicated above.


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