At 10 months, Marcy is being held under her arms for this picture. She's a "big" rabbit now. My wrist and forearm does appear in the picture for comparison. Although her paws are outstretched, Marcy is not praying - it's merely a result f having my fingers in her armpits.

Marcy seems to have lost her characteristic white forehead stripe as she's grown up. Technically, it's still there, but since it was only about 4 hairs wide and her head is much larger now, one can no longer see it at a distance.

Messy Marcy is pictured, after wreaking some havoc in her area. She likes to make a mess of things. However, she has fun doing that, as indicated by the presence of two of her favorite toys, a ball with a bell in it and a paper towel roll remnant, plus her spilled pellets pictured in the lower right corner.

Here, Marcy has approached and captured a paper towel roller. Watch out!

The targeted paper towel roller is brought closer and readied for destruction by the master.

After having entered "Full Minion Mode," Marcy is pictured on her side attacking what is left of the paper towel roll. She has this behavior which results in a fur-flying fit of violence where she uses her back feet to tear anything she is holding with her teeth and front paws to shreds. Occasionally, she does this when I'm holding her. I'm not hurt because I can react in time, but sometimes, she lets loose with a significant amount of fur flying off of her. I believe that this is loose fur she would otherwise be shedding anyway.

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