At 10 months, Lucy enjoys being held. Her favorite position is to lie in my arms, with her head in the crook of my elbow while looking out at the world, such as pictured here. She was also really curious about the camera and probably still wonders what it was.

In this picture, Lucy was running around the house. As shown, here she is peeking around a corner, seeing if her caretaker is coming for her (or not). The rabbits sometimes like to play "chase" and Lucy is no exception. Having her picture taken caught her a little off-guard, she did not expect it.

With the top flap of the box being peeled back, Lucy pops her head out of her hiding box to see exactly what is going on. She is surrounded by some of her toys: the plastic balls with bells inside and some cardboard toilet-paper rolls.

Having realized that the disturbance was caused by her caretaker, Lucy decides to pick up and throw a toilet-paper roller in displeasure. Although she will also do this for fun, here she throws it as an act of rebellion to my intrusion. By throwing the roller around, she reasserts that her area is in fact hers and nothing had better stop her, or else.

Here is a view of Lucy's main living area: Sleeping box, hay box, water and pellet cups, and toys. She has finished (for the moment) throwing the toilet-paper tubes around and is contemplating whether or not her caretaker is going to attempt to pick her up. That did not happen because I could tell that she was still annoyed and did not want to get bitten.


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