I dedicate this portion of my web site to the descendants of Thomas and Phebe Dow, of which it is known that they first settled in Newbury, MA as of 1639.  Their origin remains unproven and speculative, but their progeny is identifed here.  Where possible, I have also included the ancestry of spouses of the descendants.

Why put up this site?

In addition to the usual genealogical reasons, I found that no one else had done this in a complete manner (at least by when I started this project).  A few individuals listed only their partial ancestry, but there was no unified descendency.  Also, I have noted that in some of the public databases, known errors have crept in, for which I avoid.

State of the data

As of March 15, 2005, the database is about three-quarters complete.  Back in 1929, The Book of Dow was published, documenting this genealogy plus that of six other Dow families.  In the terms of the Book, this genealogy is the "B" lineage.  After having extracted a preliminary genealogy from a copy of the book, I merged the data with some other sources.  Some lines were not included in this operation, and some people were duplicated.  I am in the process of cleaning that result up and inputting the missing lines.

Currently missing from this database (unless coincidentially added from one of the other sources) are the following sub-lineages: "BCDE" and "BCDG" (about 80 pages - including the Book's supplement). These will be completed and corrected as time permits.  Additionally, the corrections from the supplement section from the Book have been applied to the completed sections.  These other sources include some research by other descendants, and that of a cousin of such, plus some information from the LDS Church genealogy information on-line (Both its "IGI" and its Ancestral File databases; the latter with obvious errors avoid).

Since there are many descendants with identical names, I decided to let my site's search engine index the site instead of giving a list of all names as is common with other ancestral sites.  Additionally, the search window will also accept the genealogical codes from the Book.  Alternatively, start with Thomas Dow himself here and browse.  Of note is Franklin Pierce, the 14th U.S. President, a third cousin to the descendants in the "BCDBAD" sub-lineage.

Other Thomas Dow Family Web sites:

Updates from that site have not [yet] been applied to this database.

Additionally, the database includes some individuals descendant from Henry Dow (DOW:A) through to and including all of his great-grandchildren as the families did intermarry.  In terms of the genealogy index code of The Book, this means that all five-letter and shorter codes starting with "A" are present (except for ADG-ADK and AH; to be added later).  Where another connection exists to a cousin of my ancestral lines, these lines are extended to said connection.  The entire genealogy of Thomas Nudd (DOW:AK) is included for that same reason.

For additional information on Henry Dow and Thomas Nudd, consider these resources:

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