BDE ARC 70cm Repeater Information
[Photo of Repeater Rack] Output: 445.520 MHz

Input: 440.520 MHz

Callsign: K6BDE and/or KD6LVW - depending on the operation.

Location: 34°4'21"N BY 118°29'8"W by 190.5m (625 AMSL) elevation, overlooking the Los Angeles Basin. (Coverage Map).

Services: The FM voice repeater function (PL = 123.0) is open to all amateur radio operators in good standing. Any and all other functions of the system shall be reserved to the membership and/or the trustee. Other functions may be made available at the discretion of the trustee or the Board of Directors.

The amateur radio information satellite program, This Week in Amateur Radio, may be heard on Saturdays at 6:00 pm local time via a satellite downlink through a dedicated receiver wired to the repeater's controller (PL = 79.7). Other amateur-related satellite distributed "information bulletins" may be available upon request.

The trustee reserves the right of use of the repeater's autopatch and linking functions (remote base, WX radio, and external computer link) to be limited to BDE ARC members only.

Note: The repeater is currently co-channelled with one other system:
    K6KBF - At Knotts Berry Farm: A low level repeater in Orange County set up for park visitors and employees to use in and around the park. It's coordination is equal and concurrent to ours (as part of the 20 MHz spacing realignment plan).

From May 1, 1994 to June 30, 2000, this repeater was on the frequency pair of 446.200/441.200 MHz, but has been relocated in accordance with the sub-band realignment by the local frequency coordinator to 20 kHz interchannel spacing. The two co-channelled systems were:
    WA6PPC - In Crestline. Coordinated per SCRRBA.  This repeater was on frequency before ours was, so as a condition of our coordination, we were careful not to interfere with its operation.
    WA6KCV - On Chatsworth Peak. Not coordinated per SCRRBA (Confirmed in 1995, reconfirmed in 1999, per WA6CDR, SCRRBA's chief coordinator). Therefore, we had no concern in causing it interference and its operation was required to accept our interference. (Such status and our position was discussed with one of this repeater's users back in 1996 via the amateur packet radio BBS network). Subsequent information has indicated that this system may have been coordinated in 1993, but that remains unconfirmed, nor do we really care now having been relocated.

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