Persons Classifed as Not in "Good Standing"

As disclosed on the page which defines "good standing," one may be classified as not such in several ways. This page identifes all individuals where the issue of "good standing" has been considered. Here are the conditions which have classified persons as such to date:

Please remember, all this really means is that any person listed (and not "cleared") may not join our organization without the Board of Directors voting on any such petition and may not use any of our radio assets - our right to limit such usage per 47 CFR 97.205(e) underlying the Communications Act of 1934.

The following persons are classifed as "not in good standing" due to being a recipient of one or more judicial restraining orders imposed upon them for harassment via use of radio communications:

N3KSO DREW B FELDMAN Lic Iss 08-Feb-1995 Tech Plus 1461 CANFIELD AVE Lic Exp 14-Jul-2002 DoB 05-Feb-1949 LOS ANGELES CA 90035 Lst Upd 08-Feb-1995 USA Canceld 25-May-2000

Authority: Winke vs. Feldman, CA Sup Ct - Los Angeles

Additionally: The FCC wrote Drew B. Feldman on April 3, 2000, canceling his Technician Plus Amateur Radio license, N3KSO. On February 5, the FCC had requested that Feldman retake his examinations under the supervision of FCC personnel in Cerritos, California. The FCC says Feldman did not appear for reexamination. As a result, the FCC cancelled his Amateur Radio license. FCC Special Counsel for Amateur Radio Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth warned Feldman that continued operation of Amateur Radio transmitting equipment after receipt of the FCC's letter would be a violation of federal law.


WB6RSD RONALD R AMES Lic Iss 02-Nov-1996 General 15094 ASH ST Lic Exp 06-Oct-2002 DoB 03-Sep-1946 HESPERIA CA 92345 Lst Upd 02-Nov-1996 USA

Authority: Keller Peak Radio Assoc. vs. Ames, CA Sup Ct - San Bernardino

Additionally: Mr. Ames was additionally fined by the California Superior Court in San Bernardino County for violating the temporary injunction.


The following persons are classified as "not in good standing" due to their intentional interference with the operation of one or more of BDE ARC's radio frequency assets (which may include the use or operation of an uncoordinated repeater on the same frequency pair as ours):


The following persons have been classified as in "good standing" because their interference was determined not to be intentional or malicious in nature (and aren't otherwise disqualified from the status):


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